Pupil Premium

1. Pupil Premium (PP) Strategy Statement for Norris Bank Primary School
Academic year 2019-2020 Total PP budget £52,000
Total number of pupils 417 Number of pupils eligible for PP 30
Date of most recent PP review September 2019 Date for next internal PP review February 2020


2. Current Attainment
  Pupils eligible for PP Whole cohort
% reaching the expected in GPS 75% 91%
% reaching the expected in reading 63% (0.8 VA) 88%
% reaching the expected in writing 75% (2.3 VA) 93%
% reaching the expected in maths 63% (2.0 VA) 90%
% reaching the expected in reading/writing/maths 38% 83%


3. Barriers to Future Attainment (for pupils eligible for PP)

In-school barriers (issues to be addressed in school)

  1. Lack of resilience, self-confidence and co-operation when approaching work, which is affecting children’s academic progress
  2. Phonic/language acquisition development having an impact on children writing ability across the school
  3. Behavioural and emotional issues for targeted children (mostly eligible for PP) are having detrimental effect on their academic progress and that of their peers

External barriers (issues which also require action outside school, such as low attendance rates)

  1. None

4. Desired Outcomes
Desired outcomes Success criteria
For all children to approach and overcome challenges in a positive way through developing our GROW values and learning behaviours. PP children will develop resilience to help them deal with challenging situations. PP children will develop a mindset to help them overcome obstacles and see the positive in difficult situations.
For all pupil premium children reach their school target by the end of the year % of children making progress by the end of the school year.
% of children on track to make expected progress by the end of the year.


5. Planned Expenditure

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6. Review of Expenditure

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Additional detail
  • Gardening clubs and sessions in spring/summer (£5000)
  • Employment of a trainee Educational Psychologist to work in school with targeted children who have been identified as having a specific barrier to their learning (£2000)
  • Employment of SALT therapist to work with targeted children (£2000)
  • Additional lunchtime clubs– IT/nurture group for targeted children who find social interaction challenging (£1900)
  • One-to-one support for targeted individuals at lunchtime or in the morning to enable them to access the curriculum or support behaviour plans (£10,600)
  • Music lessons/residential visits/extracurricular sporting clubs for targeted individuals (£1000)