School Uniform

We feel that a school uniform encourages children to identify with and take pride in their school. It also helps to ensure that children are suitably dressed to enable them to focus on their work.

Parents are therefore requested to send their children to school in uniform consisting of:


  • Long or short grey trousers
  • Green pullover or sweatshirt
  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • School shoes (not trainers)


  • Grey skirt, pinafore dress or school trousers
  • Green pullover or cardigan
  • White blouse or polo shirt
  • School shoes (not trainers)

In addition, for art and technology, the children need a shirt (preferably a large one) to protect their clothes. Please mark all items of clothing with your child’s name. School ties are available for those who choose to have them.

Clothing for Physical Education and Games

All children need a white t-shirt and black shorts with an elasticated waist for indoor lessons. In addition, a pair of black plimsolls are required. These can also be used when a change of shoes is necessary due to very wet weather. For general games lessons taken outdoors, children from Year 1 onwards need a warm change of clothes, i.e. a black tracksuit top and bottoms, and a pair of strong trainers. All P.E. clothing and shoes should be kept in a bag with the child’s name clearly marked on the outside. When games kit is forgotten, children will be asked to wear a coat and go outside to watch the activities. As a general rule, if children are fit enough to attend school, they should take part in all activities. On the rare occasions when a child is not fit for P.E. or games, or swimming, a note should be sent from home to this effect. Jewellery and watches should not be worn in school. We accept no responsibility if these items are broken or lost. Girls with pierced ears are only allowed a small stud type earring and must be prepared to remove this before all P.E, games or swimming lessons.

Ordering Uniform
My Clothing

If you order uniform via ‘My Clothing’, the PTA receives a 5% donation from all purchases made. Select this link for more information: (TESCO) My Clothing: Norris Bank


School uniform can also be ordered directly from Mapac. Select this link for more information: Mapac: Norris Bank

Please ensure all items have the child’s name written in them.