Empower Schools Alliance

The Empower Schools Alliance is a group of primary and secondary schools who work together to drive initiatives which raise teaching and learning standards. The alliance currently comprises the following schools:

  • Elmridge Teaching School
  • Gatley Primary School
  • Meadowbank Primary School
  • Norris Bank Primary School
  • Outwood Primary School
  • Queensgate Primary
  • The Kingsway School
  • Alexandra Park Primary School
What we Do

Our school collaboration is a network of support which encompasses the diversity of schools and its children. By providing a broad range of opportunities and support networks, the ongoing learning journey of all is strengthened. Our alliance helps us to keep pace with the changing landscape, presenting innovative and creative ways to benefit our children. With this in mind, all alliance schools contribute to:

  • The development and deployment of systems leaders who work beyond their schools to support other schools in improvement projects
  • The establishing of research and development teams, creating research designs and approaches which further develop high quality practice within schools
  • Providing staff with access to a range of joint professional development opportunities
Benefits of Working Together

As an established forum, collaboration within the alliance continues to provide a range of benefits including:

  • An established, proactive and forward-thinking forum
  • Establishing a shared vision of teaching and learning
  • Helping to break down the isolation of working alone
  • Opportunity to explore new ways of working
  • Enabling opportunity to challenge the status-quo confidently
  • Pooling collaborative strengths across the group
  • Generating a diversity of support for our children
  • Helping to evidence the impact of the outcomes for children
  • Keeping abreast of the changing landscape
Alliance Case Studies

Information regarding the work of the alliance can be accessed from the links below:

  • Successful training of new teachers via the School Direct Programme
  • National recognition of our research projects by National College for Teaching and Learning
  • Understanding the role and opportunities presented by our Subject Leaders in Education

“School Direct was definitely the right choice for me with the outstanding level of training and guidance from everyone involved.”

“Probably the most important finding is that there is capacity within the system for teachers to do rigorous, small-scale Enquiries…that’s really empowering.”

“The headship programme provided me with the conviction to continue the journey and affirmation that headship is the next stage of my professional role.”