On Friday 7th January, we had a very special visitor from Manchester Museum: a genuine historical artefact has been temporarily installed in the Key Stage 2 library! Norris Bank will be its new home for the spring term, and the children will get the rare opportunity to study this artefact in great detail.

A good historian is like a good detective, and during this first half term, the students will find out just how true this is. Whilst there are some obvious clues about what our artefact is, there’s a lot we don’t know. Can the children look at the available evidence and come to a logical conclusion? Can they solve the mysteries our artefact is hiding? What is our artefact made from? What was its purpose? What is it holding? What is written on its back?

This is a rare and wonderful opportunity that we have been afforded, to host such an incredible part of history. Our hope is that our artefact sparks conversation and curiosity in the children, and encourages them to think critically and to solve problems. We can’t wait to see what they come up with!