School Development

Boxes of books

As a school we continue to strive to further develop the learning, teaching and experiences offered within Norris Bank.

Following on from the success of last academic year, the Governors and I are proposing to build on our successes and develop the school further in the following four key areas based on data analysis and feedback from the Local Authority:

  1. GROW
  2. Catch-up and Pupil Premium
  3. Maths
  4. English


We are going to:

  • Further develop a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which is engaging for both our children and teachers
  • Ensure that the school’s website and ICT equipment support our children’s learning
  • Continue to improve the quality of teaching so that it is outstanding across the school
  • Implement the new EYFS curriculum for September 2021
  • Further embed our restorative approach work
  • Further enhance our child-led learning opportunities across school
  • Further grow our parental engagement by devising alternative non curriculum-focussed workshops, for example behaviour, parenting, EAL and wellbeing as well as develop even stronger virtual communication links with parents
  • Improve the quality of leadership and management by developing the role and responsibilities of middle leaders and being part of the North West Maths hub and facilitating the training of new senior leaders to Stockport

Catch-up and Pupil Premium

We are going to:

  • Raise the attainment of our catch-up and pupil premium children and also to run tuition sessions before and after school
  • Support children with their social and communication needs through interventions such as Lego therapy, the school garden, nurture and well-being groups and speech and language programmes


We are going to:

  • Ensure that the new EYFS curriculum is implemented and runs seamlessly into Year 1 national curriculum and beyond
  • Apply to the North West Maths hub mastery training programme with the view to becoming a math’s mastery school
  • Improve the use of mathematical vocabulary across the school and develop a consistency in approach to practical activities in school
  • Ensure that Lower KS2 are preparing effectively for the statutory year 4 times tables check
  • Revisit our whole school calculation policy
  • Enable children to have an understanding of the use of maths in the outside world through STEM weeks and teachers planning for opportunities to apply math’s across different curriculum areas and contexts
  • Develop KS1 interventions to support the teaching of basic skills in our younger children


We are going to:

  • Further develop teacher and support staff’s expertise in delivering effective strategies to improve spelling
  • Develop our dyslexia resources across school and in classrooms to support our children further
  • Ensure our children have a greater understanding of sentence construction
  • Continue to foster a love for reading with the launch of a new whole school reading challenge for our children and to restart book clubs being run
  • Develop reading partners between classes and across school
  • Recognise and celebrate key national days such as world book day and link these to writing opportunities
  • Ensure the children have access to an appropriate range of dyslexia friendly books to develop their reading and establish a separate section in library for them
  • Encourage children to use more ambitious and challenging vocabulary in their writing through using a range of DEAL drama strategies