School Development

Boxes of books

As a school we continue to strive to further develop the learning, teaching and experiences offered within Norris Bank.

Following on from the success of last academic year, the Governors and I are proposing to build on our successes and develop the school further in the following four key areas based on data analysis and feedback from the local Authority:

  1. GROW
  2. Disadvantaged Pupils
  3. Maths
  4. English


We are going to:

  • Further GROW a broad, balanced and creative curriculum using ’Hooks’ and ’Outcomes’ to inspire and engage the children and their learning
  • Continue to GROW all of our teaching to 100% outstanding supported by our NBPS teaching and learning wheel
  • Develop and GROW the schools website
  • Further GROW our work on ‘Growth Mind Sets’ with a focus on early years and talk partners
  • Further embed our restorative approach work by GROWING our play leaders, mentors and RA champions
  • Further GROW our peer coaching across school to share best practice
  • GROW our middle leaders through working with external providers to gain additional professional accreditations

Disadvantaged pupils

We are going to:

  • Provide further interventions to booster our disadvantaged children across both KS1 and KS2
  • Use the librarian to support children’s language acquisition by running reading groups, intervention sessions and drop ins
  • Support children’s social and communication needs with ‘Lego Therapy’ sessions
  • Support our children’s emotional and behavioural difficulties with additional support from our behaviour mentor as well as using further RA techniques


We are going to:

  • Ensure our maths is linked in more creative ways to other subject areas
  • Ensure we have a whole school approach to maths target setting and our children are able to articulate their targets are and their next steps in learning Develop arithmetic fluency through focused basic skills sessions with additional work on number bonds and multiplication facts
  • Develop practical approaches using resources and scaffolds to consolidate the basics
  • Continue to ensure maths marking is effective


We are going to:

  • Continue to improve spelling standards across school by having it as a key focus for teaching
  • Develop further interventions with an English focus, for example phonics
  • Focus more on learning spelling rules and being able to apply them
  • Further embed our ‘Buzz About Reading’ initiatives
  • Continue to run our book clubs and use our librarian to support groups with developing a love of reading
  • Embed our reciprocal reading approach to teach guided and whole class reading Ensure our writing opportunities continue to have a real purpose which is creative and are based on the children’s own lines of enquiry
  • Further develop sustained writing opportunities across KS2
  • Continue to develop reading to ensure high quality texts and authors are used as a stimulus to writing