Norris Bank Primary School has to monitor attendance and lateness and pass on the information to the LA. Punctuality is extremely important, but we prefer children to arrive late rather than not at all. If you are late for school, you are required to sign your child in at the office at the main entrance using our inventry system. Please ensure reasons are clear as this is audited by Education Welfare.


If a child is absent from school due to sickness, a telephone call before 11am or written note is required.


If the child is attending a medical appointment, evidence of the appointment needs to be provided for our school records.

Request for Leave of Absence

Where permission for an absence during term time is requested, due to exceptional circumstances, a Request for Leave of Absence form must be completed at least two weeks before the time requested explaining the reason for the request and handed or emailed to the office with any other evidence to support the application for the Headteacher to assess.

Term time holidays, family events & trips

When children miss school for term time holidays or extended trips/events not only do they miss out on important learning but they often take time to settle back into  their learning routines.

The government is strengthening the rules around Education Penalty Notices. These are fixed penalty fines which can be issued by the Local Authority where 10 or more sessions (5 days) of unauthorised absence take place.  

They are most commonly issued to parents when a child misses school for an term time holiday taken without the permission of the school.

The new stronger rules will apply to all offences taking place after August 2024.

  • For the first fine issued after the start of the 24-25 school year, the fine will increase to £80 per parent per child if paid within 21 days, or £160 if paid within 28 days.
  • If a second fine is then issued to the same parent for the same child within three years of the first fine it will be for £160.
  • Subsequent offences – no further fines can then be issued if two have already been issued to the same parent for the same child within the previous three years (starting with the date of the first fine); instead the parent will be prosecuted by the Local Authority in the Magistrates’ Court.

It’s therefore more important than ever that parents arrange to take family holidays in the school holidays and not in term time. 

Dental or Hospital Treatment

If it is known a child will be absent due to a visit to the doctor or dentist, please inform the school office in advance. Please ensure that the child is collected and returned to school by a responsible adult and signed out and into the building. Please ensure proof of your appointment is seen by the office staff.


The Educational Welfare Officer comes into school regularly to audit attendance and ensure absences are valid and explained and that parents have provided the necessary paperwork. If you have a problem or confidential matter you would like to discuss, especially regarding attendance then please contact Mrs Ponsen.

Medical Needs

School is an inclusive community that is supportive of children with medical needs. We work closely with the Nursing Service and staff are trained to deal with a range of needs in partnership with parents. It is vital that all complex medical conditions are shared with the school before children start so that individual health plans can be put into place. We do not have facilities to store antibiotics on the premises, but parents are welcome to come into school and administer regular medication. Any short term medication that may need to be administered during the school day must be dropped off at the office, clearly named, with a completed ‘medical administration form’ that has been signed by the parent/carer.

School Nurse

Victoria Hudson, our school nurse, visits school and is pleased to help parents with health-related matters. She is available on 07738261225.

The welfare and safety of our children at Norris Bank is of paramount importance. We are aware of child protection issues and are obliged to follow the Authority guidelines if a situation occurs or a child is judged to be at risk.