Staff Contact Information

Our teachers and staff very much prefer to speak to you fact-to-face about any concerns or queries which you may.  We feel this is very important in ensuring we work collaboratively together to ensure the very best outcomes for your child or children.

Please contact the office, or email the class teacher, to arrange a meeting if this is the case.

Please be aware that teachers will be teaching throughout the day therefore they are unable to access their email. Please be patient as you will not get an instant response. Break and lunch times can also involve meetings or working with the children. If it is urgent, it is always best to contact the office in the first instance.

They will acknowledge receipt of an email within 48 hours and respond to you between their working hours of 7.30am-6.00pm and as soon as is feasible.

If staff have not replied within that time, please contact the office as we may be having issues with our email system or a member of staff may be absent. They will be able to direct you to another member of staff that may be able to help.


Staff member Responsibility Email
Mrs E Ponsen



Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mrs N Evans


Deputy Headteacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Phase leader for Year 3 and 4
Mrs M Thomas Early Years Lead
Mrs H Barrowcliff Senior leader for Year 1 and 2
Mrs L Doe Senior leader for Year 5 and 6
Mrs J Sheldon SENDCO
Mrs E Furness Mental Health Lead
Mrs T Burney Intervention and catch up teacher
Mrs G Buchanan Sports Ambassador
Mrs Ruth Ledder Chair Of Governors



Year Group Staff member Email
R Mrs M Thomas
Mrs E Furness
1 Mrs M Chorlton
Mrs L Adshead
2 Mrs H Barrowcliff
Miss K Aspey
3 Mrs P Koutsouvelis
Mr S Stirling
4 Mrs E Kennerley
Mrs K Edevane
5 Mrs L Doe
Mrs P Vaughan pam


Mrs H McIvor
Mr J Worth
Mrs M Furmidge


Mrs Julie Ewing School Business Manager:

Miss Paula Johnson: Clerical Assistant: