At Norris Bank Primary School, we are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our pupils and this encompasses safety online.

A growing number of children spend up to (and in some cases, over) 2 hours per day playing computer games and/or accessing the internet through a vast array of devices. As much as we would like to protect our children from the inappropriate content which exists online, as this is an ever-changing entity it is more beneficial to our children in the long run to teach them how to deal with such instances.

Select the links below to find out more information on some of the most popular websites and how to keep your child safe. If you would like any more information you can email tanya.cross@stockport.gov.uk. You can view the presentation used during our Internet Safety and Wellbeing Evening here: Internet Safety and Wellbeing.

CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection) have released the following guides and fact sheets which you may find useful:

Parent and Carers checklist

Grooming fact sheet

Social Media Activity sheet to do together at home 

Parent Guides
Further Information and Guidance